An Adventure for Lancer RPG

Stolen Crown

A three part module set on the frozen glaciers of Sparr.
Written by Laurie O'Connel

Resources and LInks

Explore Sparr

If you need access to a plain text version of Stolen Crown, or an NPC cheat sheet to help you run your encounters, follow this link.

Comp/Con Files

Player and GM Facing files to run the game using COMP/CON

Homebrew Mechs

Two homebrew mech frames produced for Stolen Crown

GM Resources


Follow this link to find battle and regional maps produced by the amazing Saga MacKenzie for use with Stolen Crown.

PDF & Physical Copies

Full Module

Purchase the full, three part module on, including PDF, plain text, handouts, and all other relevant files. Purchase the physical book from any of the distributors linked below.

84 Pages of Adventure


A full module to take your players from LL0 to LL2, set on the frozen wastes of Sparr.

Where can I get the book?

Physical Copies

Based in the UK, ships internationally.My storefront; you can also purchase any of my other games and modules here!

Twelve Pins Press

Based in the UK, ships internationally.Fine RPG books by independent creators.

Rook's Press

US retailer with locations in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Detroit (MI)To act as ambassadors for all things geeky and to present our wares as the awesome, fun, and universally accessible pieces of entertainment that they are.

Vault of Midnight

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